Read My Lips

Visual Speech Recognition

LipREAD interprets speech by analysing Lip Movements

LipREAD improves accuracy of Audio Speech Recognition in real world/noisy environments

LipREAD adds Liveness Checking for on-line User Authentication

LipREAD can be used from any device with a camera – runs on device, on-site or in the cloud

LipREAD Use Cases

Visual Speech recognition (VSR)

    • augmenting ASR systems in real-world (noisy) environments e.g.
      • In-vehicle voice activation
      • Personal assistants – Siri, GoogleNow, Cortana, Alexa..
      • Smart Home voice command
      • Dictation products
    • Speaker keyword identification in video segment
    • Live subtitling

Liveness check

    • Anti-spoofing measure for on-line authentication techniques (e.g. Facial Recognition)
    • Validating on-line presence e.g. Social Media SAFE service
    • Capthca replacement