Product Overview

Liopa are bringing a novel, robust and convenient VSR solution (LipREAD) to the market. Specifically, our technology can determine speech by analysing the movement of a user’s lips as they speak into a camera. These lip movements are known as visemes and are the visual equivalent of a phoneme or unit of sound in spoken language.

LipREAD will initially be positioned as a supporting technology to Audio Speech Recognition (ASR) systems whose word accuracy levels universally degrade in noisy (real-world) environments. Where a camera can be trained on head of the speaker, the combined Audio-Visual Speech recognition (AVSR) system will boost word accuracy when background noise levels increase.

Additionally LipREAD can be used as a ‘liveness’ check to validate that a real person is present during any on-line interaction. Here LipREAD can be deployed with a Facial Recognition (FR) system to eradicate the common problem of ‘spoofing’ by using a static image of the user to fool the FR . The user will be prompted to speak/mime a random sequence of digits into the camera. The combined FR/LipREAD solution will validate the user is who they purport to be and that they are actually present.